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Welcome to We are a fansite dedicated to Amy Lee from the band Evanescence. Our site offers you all the latest news, images, media and more about Amy Lee. Check back daily for all the current news on Amy. Thanks for visiting.
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Album Shoots
Beth    March 26, 2019    0 comments

The gallery has been updated with the following album photo shoots.

Amy Evanescence Gallery

Beth    November 14, 2017    0 comments

Synthesis is now available to buy for download and on cd. The gallery has been updated with images from the album.

Amy Evanescence Gallery Music News

Amy on AOL’s Build Series
Beth    July 4, 2017    0 comments

Video Captures > Interviews > 2017 > AOL Build Series

Amy Captures Gallery Site

Gallery Updates
Beth    July 2, 2017    0 comments

Amy Gallery Site

2007 Magazines
Beth    January 6, 2017    0 comments

Scans from 2007 have been added to the gallery:

Magazine Scans > 2007


Amy Evanescence Gallery Magazines

Gallery Adds
Beth    December 9, 2016    0 comments

The following has been added to the gallery:

Amy Captures Evanescence Gallery Performances

2012 Performances
Beth    December 2, 2016    0 comments

The gallery has been updated with various performance images from 2012:


Amy Evanescence Gallery Performances Site

Gallery Updates
Beth    November 25, 2016    0 comments

Hey Amy fans, I’ve updated the gallery with the following images:

Amy Captures Evanescence Events Gallery Music Site

Welcome to the Site
Beth    November 22, 2016    0 comments

Hey Amy fans! Welcome to your newest source for Amy Lee! I’ve already packed the gallery with images for you to view. More updates will be on the way so keep checking back for more Amy goodies.

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